Rick Brugger
is owner operator of RBwebs.com, a web design company that provides internet services to non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals.

He works out of his home in Jupiter, Fl and maintains a small client base from many locations around the U.S. including hunting and fishing in Alaska, CSL-Palm Beaches in Florida, Re-Generation Resources in Keene New Hampshire and many more.

Rick prefers to maintain a comfortable client base of sufficient size for part time work assuring efficient turn-around time for his clients new websites, updates and additions.


“…terrific job you did creating my web site…you sure know how to make everything look great artistically and at the same time send a clear direct message…”  DF, Carguy

“…[we are] extremely pleased with the results and the “look” of the website as well as the ease with which we can get around the site.”  DO, TT Show and Directory Chairman